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New Year - Otto Octavius
January 2nd, 2008
02:33 pm


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New Year
It has been a while since I bothered sitting down and writing anything in this journal. During the past several weeks, I was involved in an investigation in a Nexus habitation that the locals call Clockwise Town, working to uncover the whereabouts of two girls who were kidnapped from the Sanctuary... and of their captor, an elder Vampire who was going by the 'clever' pseudonym of Elsa Bartley. Alone, I would have stood little chance against a monster of that kind, but her presence drew several professional vampire killers, including a powerful aquaintance of mine, and with a great deal of coordinated effort, we were able to lift the magical veil she had erected over the town and route her, while also ensuring the freedom of the girls she had taken. How they will survive in the long run I have no idea, and quite honestly, in the case of Ms. Harker, only a passing and morbid curiosity, but it is not something that I am really capable of influencing. I have done my part, and been pleasantly disappointed that I was not the only person willing to go out of their way to help such troublesome aquaintances.

Throughout the investigation, I also had the opportunity to learn a bit more about a few of the Nexus' less well-known personalities, and on the nature of the Hermetic Arts. My faith in a Christian God remains in conflict with my most cherished agnostic/humanist values, but I have finally found a (rather limited) way to invoke God's power against the supernatural; though I am loathe to bow down and offer sacrifice in such a fashion, it was a necessary thing, and if it is ever required again, I will know how to go about creating seals of that magnitude. I often fear that I am becoming too old and decrepit for villainy or adventure, but as long as it is required of me, trying to help a few people is the least I can do to atone for the years I have spent failing to live up to my full potential as an agent of change in the world.

My warden and superior, (though I hate to use the term) seems to have retreated back into the 'real world' entirely, since his breakup with Hermes. I cannot imagine that his existance is any less miserable for it, but with so many new inmates being brought into the organization he is charged with maintaining, at least he is ensuring that a bit more of his attention is being focused on keeping those beneath him in check. It is still a bit odd to see another inmate, (one of the official members of the Thunderbolts team) coming into the Nexus in his spare time. I only hope that he doesn't get too sick of people trying to steer him away from his bizarre, self-destructive behaviour. At least he seems to have made a few good friends...

In other news... although it is only the start of a new year, I think it will still be several months before I get to experience something as freakishly surreal as what occured last night. I'd describe it here for the entertainment of whoever reads this, but I'm still scratching my head over the whole thing.

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