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even good villains make mistakes - Otto Octavius
August 17th, 2007
03:24 pm


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even good villains make mistakes
It hasn't been long enough since Otto woke up and found himself in a clinic bed, but as he emerges from a morphine-induced slumber, his mind quickly returns to the events that led to his hospitalization.

Verbal Kint, (in_verbatim, the man who also calls himself Keyser Soze) had begun his killing spree a few weeks ago, dumping piles of dead or dying bodies into the Nexus. Whether to inspire general terror or as a means of spiting Leoben, (in_the_stream) the bodies kept coming, and despite the fear that most Nexians felt after the killings started, very few seemed willing or able to stop him. Ock had first offered to help onlystraw by completing his PINpoint tracker project, and after Jonathan's failure, his own indignation led him to start tracking down Soze himself, with the help of a few others. "Nick" Wright, (ghostshield) had asked him to check the site of Leoben's abduction, where a PIN signature directed them to the Paris Metro, and when another corpse dump took place in the Sanctuary, he and stormwatch_crow, (channeling the spirit of Captain America) were able to capture one of Soze's cronies, who also happened to be keeping guard on something in the Paris subway system. It quickly became clear that something important was down there, and after questioning the man and gathering a group of willing volunteers, a full-scale investigation team set out into the underground to search for clues.

And that's when things all went to hell, as far as Otto's recollection of events goes. One of the 'volunteers', (mr_rue) pulled a gun on Nick, and as he was pushing the young man aside, [too tight to risk decapitating him with my arms] Rue fired, and his face exploded in a blinding flash of pain. As he fell to the ground, he was distinctly aware of the noise around him, [being shot never improved my hearing before] his robotic arms clanging against the ground and the tinkling of his broken glasses on concerete tile- he remembered Zaberisk saying something to him- and then....

His face hurts a great deal, even with the morphine, but Otto forces himself to open an eye as he rises up to gauge his surroundings. The colours of the room say 'Nexus', which is a good thing to him, as he really doesn't feel like hearing Osborn or his shrewish little aide right now. It will take him a while to remember that another night spent away from Thunderbolts HQ is another strike against his curfew record.

The gauze over his head is blocking his left eye, but as that seems to be the center of his suffering right now, he isn't worried enough to try pulling it off. With a groan, he slouches back into his bed and lets himself drift for now. Hopefully, Nick and the others are taking care of things.

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