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[private] - Otto Octavius
August 14th, 2007
04:46 pm


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I do not know if the damage to the Sanctuary's AVF will cause any longterm inconvenience, and I lack the skills or resources to repair it, (especially now, when my spare time is being all but consumed by the hunt for the man who calls himself Keyser Soze) but when that little witch destroyed the phalloi that I have so faithfully attended for over two years, now, she involved me in her vendetta against Hermes.

I still don't know entirely how I should feel about Hermes. He was one of the first people here to show me kindness for no reason other than kindness' sake, and though I refuse to worship anyone as a 'god' and find his company rather lacking, most of the time, he is a loyal friend to me, and a being with the potential to do good.

When her friends finally get around to rescuing her from the past, I will hunt her down; not to kill her, but to beat her with such savagery that she will finally understand the value of respecting other peoples' opinions and property, regardless of what it may symbolize to her.

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