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March 14th, 2008
10:41 pm


The value of a hard day's work
From a young age, Otto Octavius had known the value of knowledge and hard work; with the first, the world ceased to be a confusing place, and the snatches of invention forming in his head could be translated into solid plans... and with the second, his grand ideas could be made concrete and he could prove his own brilliance to the world, placing himself above his peers as both a thinker and a doer. During the short time that he served as a professor for Penn. State, Doctor Octavius did all that he could to force an appreciation for both into the heads of his students, preaching that simply being smart was not enough, and that without the resolve and independant spirit one needed to see one's dreams to fruition, seeking greater understanding was a waste of time.

Though he had mellowed with time, (time spent in prison with nothing better to do than learn new things for the fun of it had given Otto new appreciation for the concept of having simply an amateur understanding of many things) he still clung to his objectivist philosophy and an elevated belief in the importance of the mechanical arts. It was these two qualities that made him about the worst candidate at Thunderbolts HQ for tutoring Robbie Baldwin in the field of basic metalwork. If he was going to be saddled with the troubled ex-hero, who had been ordered to assist the Doctor in the rebuilding of a priceless robotic harness, Otto was first going to ensure that the lad knew the 'basics' about the field, forcing him to study through an apprentice-level collection of textbooks and manuals on metallurgy, diemaking and milling. Once he felt certain that he could (almost) trust Robbie in a shop, the real fun... some basic experiments involving smelting and casting a few rough forms out of cheaper metal.... could begin.

* * * *

"Now.. can you tell me why it is important to add this limestone flux to the... Baldwin! Are you paying attention?" Otto glares at his apprentice, his tone the equivalent of a cuff upside the head. Unshaven, and dressed in a smock, goggles and raggedy clothing, the doctor looks far closer to his blue-collar roots than he would prefer to.

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February 4th, 2008
04:25 am


I sort of feel obliged to post this, now.

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you ask them five questions.

1. Do you ever wish you could go back to doing the sort of stuff you used to do before the Nexus?

I do quite often, but remembering all of the frustration and failure I've endured makes me wonder if I am sane to long for the time I spent destroying property and almost wiping Manhattan Island from the map for the sole purpose of spiting a few people.

2. What did you like about being a supervillain anyway?

As they say, "the wages of sin is death". This quote is actually from the Bible and refers to mortal existance in general, but most people interpret it as being a reference to the criminal lifestyle. It's violent, thrilling, and it keeps you working hard, but over time, things catch up with you. I spent far more time stealing things, making bad deals with other criminals and being punched repeatedly by men in pyjamas than I did holding millions in a thrall of terror.... or doing things that helped people, made money and weren't related to my personal anger problems.

3. How did it feel to get your soul back?

To live without a soul itself is a state that is hard to describe. I constantly had the uncanny feeling that a part of me was gone, though it was never something that came to the fore. My creativity suffered, I felt more depressed than usual, and I cannot recall any dreams I had during that period... but I have no way of knowing whether this was really a result of my loss. Perhaps it was merely psychosomatic, but to get my soul back gave me the feeling that I was 'all there' once again.

4. Does it bother you, having to bail people like me out all the time?

If I did not have people like you who actually benefitted from my company and help on occasion, I would be bored to tears here. I don't suffer from the delusion that I am atoning for my crimes by helping people in the Nexus or even back on Earth, but I also don't expect a hero's treatment or anything in return, beyond thanks... and companions who are able to hide their boredom when I am talking to them. I do what I do because I can, and because I care about some of the people that I have helped in the Nexus.

5. When you look back on everything you've done, given a chance, would you do it all over again?

One half of me would not. Had I not become overwhelmed by my own anger and the circumstances I suffered, I could have been a serious contendor for the Nobel Prize. My robotics skills may not be as grandiose as those of, say, Hank Pym, but the tools and prosthetics I have developed are far more useful than any megalomaniacal robot overlord or a helmet that lets you speak with insects. The other half of me only wishes that I had been successful in my bid to rule the criminal underworld of the Eastern Seaboard, or to turn the entire state into an irradiated wasteland. In the end, I failed on both counts, but at least I am able to help a few people, and go to this Nexus for good food and a change of scenery.

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January 2nd, 2008
02:33 pm


New Year
It has been a while since I bothered sitting down and writing anything in this journal. During the past several weeks, I was involved in an investigation in a Nexus habitation that the locals call Clockwise Town, working to uncover the whereabouts of two girls who were kidnapped from the Sanctuary... and of their captor, an elder Vampire who was going by the 'clever' pseudonym of Elsa Bartley. Alone, I would have stood little chance against a monster of that kind, but her presence drew several professional vampire killers, including a powerful aquaintance of mine, and with a great deal of coordinated effort, we were able to lift the magical veil she had erected over the town and route her, while also ensuring the freedom of the girls she had taken. How they will survive in the long run I have no idea, and quite honestly, in the case of Ms. Harker, only a passing and morbid curiosity, but it is not something that I am really capable of influencing. I have done my part, and been pleasantly disappointed that I was not the only person willing to go out of their way to help such troublesome aquaintances.

Throughout the investigation, I also had the opportunity to learn a bit more about a few of the Nexus' less well-known personalities, and on the nature of the Hermetic Arts. My faith in a Christian God remains in conflict with my most cherished agnostic/humanist values, but I have finally found a (rather limited) way to invoke God's power against the supernatural; though I am loathe to bow down and offer sacrifice in such a fashion, it was a necessary thing, and if it is ever required again, I will know how to go about creating seals of that magnitude. I often fear that I am becoming too old and decrepit for villainy or adventure, but as long as it is required of me, trying to help a few people is the least I can do to atone for the years I have spent failing to live up to my full potential as an agent of change in the world.

My warden and superior, (though I hate to use the term) seems to have retreated back into the 'real world' entirely, since his breakup with Hermes. I cannot imagine that his existance is any less miserable for it, but with so many new inmates being brought into the organization he is charged with maintaining, at least he is ensuring that a bit more of his attention is being focused on keeping those beneath him in check. It is still a bit odd to see another inmate, (one of the official members of the Thunderbolts team) coming into the Nexus in his spare time. I only hope that he doesn't get too sick of people trying to steer him away from his bizarre, self-destructive behaviour. At least he seems to have made a few good friends...

In other news... although it is only the start of a new year, I think it will still be several months before I get to experience something as freakishly surreal as what occured last night. I'd describe it here for the entertainment of whoever reads this, but I'm still scratching my head over the whole thing.

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November 7th, 2007
03:23 am


I've been suffering from migraines lately. Practically anything could have caused this... perhaps I should schedule another appointment with Clair.

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November 1st, 2007
12:43 am


[belatedly made private]
Why am I haunted by this humiliating memory? I've done my best not to think about it or let it bother me; after all I did what I had to, and regardless of such things, my situation is the best that I could hope for. It wasn't even all that bad, when compared to the innumerable torments that I have been forced to endure throughout my life.

And yet...

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September 24th, 2007
04:20 pm


I realized, a few nights ago, that I really have missed being able to punish people with the full extent of my power. Is it bad that I still feel no guilt when I harm a stranger? That 'Kazuma' may have been a heartless monster, but the pleasure I felt when I crushed his body to dust was undeniable.

I am contemplating the potential usefulness of gads, lately. If tools and human bodies can be marked to grant them increased protection against certain forces, would it be possible for me to further defend myself and my arms against dark powers with a few simple inscriptions? I don't know if I've really got enough faith for something like that.

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September 10th, 2007
08:18 pm


My new eye has been implanted without complication, and in a day or two, we'll know just how successful the surgery really is. The doctor advises that I take it easy for now, and with the way things often are in the Nexus, I think I will heed her advice.

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August 20th, 2007
05:02 pm


If anyone has heard news regarding the investigation into Keyser Soze's killing spree, I would very much appreciate an update. I have heard nothing from the others involved since my accident three days ago, which I find worrisome.

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August 17th, 2007
03:24 pm


even good villains make mistakes
It hasn't been long enough since Otto woke up and found himself in a clinic bed, but as he emerges from a morphine-induced slumber, his mind quickly returns to the events that led to his hospitalization.

Verbal Kint, (in_verbatim, the man who also calls himself Keyser Soze) had begun his killing spree a few weeks ago, dumping piles of dead or dying bodies into the Nexus. Whether to inspire general terror or as a means of spiting Leoben, (in_the_stream) the bodies kept coming, and despite the fear that most Nexians felt after the killings started, very few seemed willing or able to stop him. Ock had first offered to help onlystraw by completing his PINpoint tracker project, and after Jonathan's failure, his own indignation led him to start tracking down Soze himself, with the help of a few others. "Nick" Wright, (ghostshield) had asked him to check the site of Leoben's abduction, where a PIN signature directed them to the Paris Metro, and when another corpse dump took place in the Sanctuary, he and stormwatch_crow, (channeling the spirit of Captain America) were able to capture one of Soze's cronies, who also happened to be keeping guard on something in the Paris subway system. It quickly became clear that something important was down there, and after questioning the man and gathering a group of willing volunteers, a full-scale investigation team set out into the underground to search for clues.

And that's when things all went to hell, as far as Otto's recollection of events goes. One of the 'volunteers', (mr_rue) pulled a gun on Nick, and as he was pushing the young man aside, [too tight to risk decapitating him with my arms] Rue fired, and his face exploded in a blinding flash of pain. As he fell to the ground, he was distinctly aware of the noise around him, [being shot never improved my hearing before] his robotic arms clanging against the ground and the tinkling of his broken glasses on concerete tile- he remembered Zaberisk saying something to him- and then....

His face hurts a great deal, even with the morphine, but Otto forces himself to open an eye as he rises up to gauge his surroundings. The colours of the room say 'Nexus', which is a good thing to him, as he really doesn't feel like hearing Osborn or his shrewish little aide right now. It will take him a while to remember that another night spent away from Thunderbolts HQ is another strike against his curfew record.

The gauze over his head is blocking his left eye, but as that seems to be the center of his suffering right now, he isn't worried enough to try pulling it off. With a groan, he slouches back into his bed and lets himself drift for now. Hopefully, Nick and the others are taking care of things.

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August 14th, 2007
04:46 pm


I do not know if the damage to the Sanctuary's AVF will cause any longterm inconvenience, and I lack the skills or resources to repair it, (especially now, when my spare time is being all but consumed by the hunt for the man who calls himself Keyser Soze) but when that little witch destroyed the phalloi that I have so faithfully attended for over two years, now, she involved me in her vendetta against Hermes.

I still don't know entirely how I should feel about Hermes. He was one of the first people here to show me kindness for no reason other than kindness' sake, and though I refuse to worship anyone as a 'god' and find his company rather lacking, most of the time, he is a loyal friend to me, and a being with the potential to do good.

When her friends finally get around to rescuing her from the past, I will hunt her down; not to kill her, but to beat her with such savagery that she will finally understand the value of respecting other peoples' opinions and property, regardless of what it may symbolize to her.

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